The time has come and gone… Please join us as we celebrate the retirement of Ms. Burroughs. Her dedication to her students and colleagues has impacted us ALL! You have left a legacy here at West Marshall…FOREVER A TROJAN…Congrats!!!!!

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Pictured: Natalie Burroughs and Jacy Large

Congrats to Jan Paper on her 40 years of Service to West Marshall!!! Your thankless dedication to transport our students has been appreciated for many generations!!!

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Here’s to our Employees who have Completed 20 years or More!!! Paul DeNeui, Dave Shipley and Troy Clark!!! Way to GO!!!! Seems Like Yesterday!!!

Not Pictured: LaRay Plath

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15 Years and Going STRONG…Thank You for ALL you DO!!! and then some!!! Mary Haley, Rhonda Reker

Not Pictured: LeeAnn Ball and Sue Billman

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1o YEARS Amazing!!! Stephen Adams, Jo Jordan, Andy Denison, Tammy Keigan, Tara Pfantz, Jessica Edler, Kenny Diggins, Connie Weuve

Not Pictured: Judit Fierros and Jean Shipley

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5 Years Already!!! Nice Job!!! Zach Eash, Trevor Arganbright, Kim Tarbell

Not Pictured: Doug Gerke and Sue Lindemann

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